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Moped Rentals

At Island Moped Rentals, we guarantee you the best service of any rental on the island! Mopeds are a fun and exciting way to see Put in Bay and South Bass Island at your own pace. With a top speed of approximately 25 mph, mopeds are a great way to zip around, slow down and really appreciate the sights our Lake Erie Island has to offer. Explore Put in Bay to your heart's content and view our spectacular scenery on your very own two-wheeled fun bike. Take a full island tour, approximately 4 miles in length, or just head off for a specific Put in Bay location, like Perry's Monument or Heineman's Winery.

All our mopeds feature headlights, turn signals, front and rear brakes. Our friendly staff will show you the proper way to start and ride your Put in Bay moped if this is your first time riding one, or even for seasoned vets who need a refresher. Our mopeds are safely designed for just a single rider only, no double riding is permitted! A complete moped tour of South Bass Island and the Village of Put-in-Bay will take approximately 2 hours non-stop (in other words, not stopping to look at anything and that is no fun, is it?!) Take your time, have fun, and see it all!

They are conveniently located on Delaware Avenue, close to the Jet Express ferry, next to Mr. Ed's Bar and Grille. Mopeds are offered for hourly and daily rentals at competitive prices. Sorry, but no one rents mopeds for overnight. You can choose to call and reserve a moped for the time you are here or wait until you arrive to check availability (but beware if you take this chance, mopeds usually sell out by noon on summer weekends!). We recommend reserving online using your credit card to GUARANTEE a reservation on busy days, click the image below.

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