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Put-in-Bay Airport

For pilots, flying into Put-in-Bay's airport (3W2) is a spectacular experience. The Put-in-Bay airport is open for arrivals and departures from dawn to dusk and has more than a thousand visitors each summer. With all of the Bass Islands visible from the air, there are breathtaking photo opportunities and you can see all the way up in to Canada. Put in Bay's airport has been designated as a top fly-in recreational area by Flight Guide.

The Put-in-Bay airport runway is 2870 feet by 75 feet in length with runways 21 and 3. Runway 21 is preferred and left traffic. Runway 3 is right traffic. When planning on staying overnight, be sure to visit our Lodgings page for information and reservations. You can't fly out at night, so plan your stay ahead of time! For golf cart rentals while on the island, visit our Golf Cart Rentals page for the best deals and the ONLY overnight golf cart rental on Put-in-Bay!

You don't have to worry about skyscrapers and wind turbines on Put-in-Bay, just the Monument which is quite visible from teh air. The approach to Runway 21 is complicated by Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial, which is almost exactly in line with the runway. Expect some turbulence on approach when winds exceed 10 knots, making for a fun yet challenging landing. When flying, remain at least 1000 feet from Perry's Monument (which is located 1.5 miles northeast of the field with an elevation of 942 feet MSL) which is actually part of the National Park Service. For entertainment aloft, there are biplane rides and helicopter tours of the island available on weekends from the airport as well.

Pilot Info: The Put in Bay airport identifier is 3W2 and is located at 41.35.21N, 82.49.70W with an elevation of 595 ft. CTAF/UNICOM: 122.8. The traffic pattern is 1600 feet MSL.

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